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August 21, 2006


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Cynthia Samuels

Wow Virginia! Thanks for this. Isn't it amazing that it's women who think these things. No accident say I.


Jane Howard had a similar caution when she advised a young admirer not to gellify--keep moving or as I say keep vavavabooming. At there is advice, support and role models for boomers in reFIREment. Boomers becoming boomerangers are the epitomy of Godwin's and Howard's sentiments!

Cynthia Samuels

You are such a great friend - when you have done so very much through your blog to help others - to bother with my launch. It's the same spirit that makes you so effective as a change agent. People should visit both of your blogs - Been There Clearning House and The Motherhood They are intense evidence of the wonder that is Cooper.


Hi! Welcome to typepad!

THe new blog looks awesome.

Have you read America's Women by Gail Collins? I just did, could not put it down. It was absolutely amazing and I kept thinking how much you would love it.

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