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November 13, 2006


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I have to agree with you again on this one: eating kosher at home is not that hard, especially with time and you soon find that what was once puzzling makes sense after a while.
But it starts to get difficult once you are outside your home. Now if you live in France, this is virtually impossible unless you are in a big city and I do mean big. You can't ask a hotel to provide you with kosher food since they would not know where to get it from in the first place.
So you're left with two alternatives: you either make do with certified cold food; another nightmare sometimes which may lead you to have to settle for authorised food and not certified products. For instance tuna fish rather than salad with a kosher label. I have some friends who do that.
The other possibility is to go to a restaurant and order parve (neutral) food; fish is usually what comes to mind. In her excellent book "How to run a traditional Jewish household", Blu Greenberg beautifully explains how she manages.
As far as I am concerned, I am not that strict because when I go to non-kosher restaurant I am with non-Jews and do not want to make a fuss in a country where food is so important. Maybe I should. So I usually end up with a vegetarian or fish meal. I know it is not kosher in the strict sense of the term and I certainly no longer eat non-kosher meat at a restaurant but this is as far as I can go ... at the moment.

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