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May 05, 2010


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Just for your amusement - I actually wrote this about a year ago to reply to some Yahoo News story:

They're rioting in Libya.
They fight in Yemen
They're killing folk in Syria
And also Sudan.

The Arab world is festering with unhappy men.
The Lebanese hate Syria; the Saudis hate Yemen.
Iraqis hate Kuwaitis; Egypt hates Sudan.
And everyone hates Amahnutjob of Iran.

But we can be thankful and never surcease
Our praise for that tranquil Religion of Peace.
Even though we know on this lovely day...
Someone has lit the spark off...
And they are blowing everyone away...

They're rioting in Libya
They fight in Bahrain
What the infidels do not do to you...
Will be done by your fellow...

Elizabeth Rogers

Oh boy, memories! I was in college with Dave Gard, and I loved the Kingston Trio's music. Still do. This song is as relevant now as it was in 1958, maybe even more so. Some things just don't seem to change. At least we haven't blown ourselves up--yet!

Like Tarzana, I found this on Time Goes By. I have Facebook and Twitter but do I like them? Not so much. How would I find you?

Harold Babb

Tarzana got this, but thank you for reminding me of this song. I used to love the Kingston Trio.


I found your blog via Time Goes By. The Kingston Trio song brought back memories of the '60s when I was busily producing 4 babies. I found a production of the song on YouTube. Search "Merry Minuet". (having trouble linking) I hope you enjoy it and thanks for the memory.

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