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August 20, 2007


Judaism history

Nice sharing, It's nice reading your post.

jewish books

Wedding day could somehow be called family reunions. Family connections and friends are gather here for this meaningful event, and you share a wonderful thoughts with.

wedding reception ideas

weddings are a very special day. i just got married 3 months ago and it was awesome. Thanks for sharing the article.

Cynthia Samuels

Catherine that's damned impressive - I don't think there's a member of my family several circles out that I'd go camping with -- even if my child were a true Wonderbaby too! Kudos.

Her Bad Mother

Just beautiful, Cynthia. Really. A perfect reminder of what matters, of why rituals are important - of why HOME is important (she says after having spent a weekend camping with in-laws - which is as challenging to one's idea of home and family as is anything.;))

Cynthia Samuels

Any time Ms. Liz. Honored to have you as a visitor. I was trying to explain blogging today to someone MY AGE!!! who was completely bewildered. One of the things I found myself explaining was that this medium allows me to discover things I never knew about myself. I'm shocked at the frequency with which I write about tradition and family, structure and togetherness. Clearly this is a painful topic in my life and it was only through this outlet that I figured it out. In sharing with one another we find more of ourselves than we thought was there....


This is really beautiful Cynthia. I caught it last week and had it in my head when I attended my cousin's wedding this past Sunday. Thank you for pointing it out.

Cindy Samuels

Thanks. After the responses to this post both here and via email I want to try to think more about the impact of these feelings on our lives today. Clearly the longing for more continuity and tradition is not mine alone. I'm grateful to the incentive to keep pursuing this.


Beautiful essay. It was our pleasure and honor to have you at our wedding. We love you and Dr. Rick.


There is something wonderful and amazing about the way weddings connect families and family-friends across time.

Last summer, I attended a beautiful wedding ( in which the chuppah poles were cut from a tree that the bride's parents planted in their yard the year she was born. I loved that!

That's probably also part of why Jill and I were so thrilled to be able to wear my grandmother's and her mother's wedding dresses in our own wedding.


Another beautiful post! Thank you.


Cindy, What a wonderful post! You have captured well the importance of the connectedness of our past with our future and how events like weddings create a sense of a new beginning rooted in the love of our long extended families. I have often felt sad that in modern life we seem to miss the significance of "rites of passage." Thanks for the post.


What a fantastic bringing together of traditions and families and connections. I loved the veil part and, like you, have come to not just appreciate but LOVE the traditions that I previously did not understand.


That was just perfect! Thanks for sharing.

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