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September 03, 2008



We should not lose courage. What gives me hope is a new generation coming along that is much more activist than the Gen X or Y cohorts. They remind me!


I never realized until today how the antagonism of the extreme right, the "red" (neck) side, for anything or anyone who exhibits even a modicum of
intellectual capacity or resistance to the great American "Love it or leave it" credo is reflecting the "Know Nothing" party line that was so popular in the nineteenth century. The unread, uncultured, "uncurious" segment of our electorate has been and perhaps always will the pawns in the ideological battle for control of our nation. With one out of four adult Americans unable to read above a fifth grade level, it isn't surprising that the "powers that be" in our political universe are able to get away with so much.
How much more can we take?

Cynthia Samuels

All three of you - sorry I just found these comments -- make such great points! I too am frustrated at the willingness to bend, twist or just plain avoid the truth. Funny how Rove keeps coming up --McCain's campaign head is a Rove protege.


It's really hard to keep to the high road when the Rove slime machine keep trying to drag us into the gutter. So much for the Republicans being 'uniters'. They have mastered the art of dividing the country into cultural wars.

Mary Margaret Hansen

Sarah Palin delivered her Rovian lines really, really well last night. So well that I was frightened for us all. She's going to be a good campaigner and a great divider. Her remark comparing soccer moms to pit bulls was scary and not funny. And her base is sure to believe each one of her remarks about Obama. Don't we wish even more for Hillary right now?
Was that open wonderful hippie time in the late 1960s so completely frightening to another part of our nation that they'll continue to crush any vestige of it?


I'm beginning to feel like a electoral bi-polar: one minute flush with excitement, elation and hope akin to my campaigning as a teenager for Gene McCarthy then Bobby Kennedy, sneaking around at night tacking up signs on telephone poles instead of dating. The next minute plunging into cynicism: Why bother, they fight dirty, always have, always will. They'll reflect all the good we believe in and all we've accomplished (and this 56 year old is DAMN PROUD of her generation!) in their goblins' mirror to turn it all to slimy, boiled spinach.
Today I'm cautiously optimistic. We must, like Obama/Biden, keep to the high road and watch our backs. Peace. Now.

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