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November 30, 2008


Lauren @ Hobo Mama

All right, I'm crying, too. Beautiful.


I've got tears in my eyes and an almost one year old in the other room.

I am reminded that I need to stop waiting for it all to be handled... because by the time it is, I will miss the chaos and the work terribly.

Lovely post. Your kids are lucky (grown-up) boys.

Mary Margaret Hansen

What a great Thanksgiving or 'a giving of thanks' for getting to spend time with our adult children. They are such a pleasure to be with - and always were, even when they were little and throwing peas on the floor and we were car pooling and baking cookies for them.


This is so lovely. You are so right and I try to remember this when I get frustrated with my soon-to-be nine-year-old. When I get frustrated with the daily frustrations of being a mom to a third-grader who has discovered she has a mind and will of her own, I will remember this.


Oh....I can so identify with every beautiful word that you wrote. As a mom of two grown sons, I totally understand what you are saying....

Thanks for writing so much of what I am such a special way.

Lawyer Mama

Cynthia, you've made me cry. Sometimes when we're in the middle of all of it, we need some perspective. Thank you for giving it.


Beautiful post, particularly since I've been up most of the past week with young, sick kids. Thanks for the dose of perspective.

Kay Dennison

I'm delighted that you were able to gather the clan! My children live far away, too, and I don't see them nearly enough.


What a sweet post, Cindy. I've been thinking about this a lot this weekend too - my daughter is turning into a teenager... and we spent Friday wine tasting with my niece, who just turned 21 (which is a little bit freaky - wasn't that long ago she was in diapers - at least, in our eyes!)

Lady M

What a beautiful post - thank you!

(SV Moms)

Karen S.

Thank you for this lovely post--reminding us to cherish even the most difficult of times with our kids. You must have been an amazing Mom--your kids were and are lucky to have you.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Thank you. When they are four and frustrating sometimes a little perspective is all I need to take a deep breath and remember how great this age is.


You're making me bawl. I'm so glad you got to be together for the holidays. But even thinking about those goodbyes in the future--to college, at the end of vacations, etc.--is breaking my heart.

You're making me bawl. I'm so glad you got to be together for the holidays. But even thinking about those goodbyes in the future--to college, at the end of vacations, etc.--is breaking my heart.


My son (24-year-old electrical engineer) came out to LA from DC to spend Thanksgiving with us. We hadn't seen him since last Christmas, and he'll be with his dad this Christmas, so this was my time with him for this year. It was too short, but sweet.

Since I'm a similar place to where you are as a mom, I really appreciate what you said here.

Her Bad Mother

This broke my heart. In a good way, but still. *CHOKE*


What a gorgeous post. And sometimes you need to be reminded that while it seems so hard, it all goes by soo fast.

Amy Nathan

I enjoyed this so much. I love reading the thoughts of moms who have older kids -- I'm usually the one and my kids are teenagers. I'll be back. :)


Oh, what a reality check! I hope to have such a relationship with my boys when they are adults. And I hope I can handle it when it comes time for them to get married!

Kim/hormone-colored days

Oh, you're making me cry!
I must go snuggle with my boys (8 and 10) before they go to sleep.

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