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January 04, 2009


poom from bangkok

fantastic film!! the story is suberb. think that as it is from play, the script is so great while Meryl acting is remarkable.

i like her much better from Mama Mia

Cynthia Samuels

Karen I can't believe you remember that movie - I think it was called Falling in Love. Definitely icky. Everybody gets one, right? She's amazing in this - and I saw Mama Mia on the plane and she was adorable and completely different - another person. Such gifts.


I saw Doubt this week-end and liked it. I had seen previews but was pleasantly surprised at the extent of the complications in the relationships and humor I didn't expect.

Kay Dennison

As a survivor of nuns in grade school, I think I want to see this story. Those of us who grew up Catholic all have stories. As a 9-year-old tomboy, I caught hell more than once. This conversation was the funniest:

Sister (horrified): How did you get that black eye?

Kay: Took a stick in the face, Sister.
Sister: What?
Kay: Hockey, Sister.
Sister: You're no lady!!!!
Kay: Yes, Sister.

I still think, to this day, that hockey was more fun than the damn ballet lessons were.


I've seen the play and loved it--was wondering how the movie compared....but with the cast it has, how can it be bad? (Although there was that ONE Meryl Streep/Robert De Niro flick years ago that was pretty lame.....)

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